The first single off the band's forthcoming second album, "Life and Death by Osmosis" is an emotional composition inspired by the loss of loved ones. Loss comes in many forms, be it through death, breakups, or overall alienation, and although each experience is different, the grieving process can be remarkably similar in many ways. Ultimately the song is a cathartic piece about life and death and rebirth, love and loss and resurrection, decay, growth, attraction and separation, and the arduous process of gradually finding balance between it all.


MAQUILADORA - January 2017

A socially charged sonic ode to the dispossessed, the displaced, and the disenfranchised. Each song is a "mini documentary" that asks listeners to reflect on today's world by taking a glimpse at some of the most exploitative events of the 20th century. At the heart of each song is the reminder that because history is written by the winners we must remember not to overlook the stories of the oppressed.

(Released as MONIKER from 2009-2012)


FORMIC ARMY - November 2012

A swirling galactic epic inspired by Orson Scott Card's sci-fi classic novel Ender's Game. The album explores issues of social suffocation, technological misuse, and individual guilt within an accelerating universe. Each song is a battle for the fleeting attention of the modern listener reachable only through instantaneous communication.

WORK IN PRAGUE - January 2012

A macabre ode to transformation inspired by the existential writings and tragic life of Franz Kafka. The albums is a contemporary exploration of many of the same themes of alienation, doubt, self-persecution, and transformation that Kafka wrote about in early 20th century Prague.

BABEL RACKET - March 2011

A rhythmic excursion into precision-rock and guitar-based psychedelia. The album explores the importance of language as a tool for building communities, and the breakdown of communities as a source of alienation among artists specifically, and societies in general.

KID KELLY - July 2009

A celebration of city life gone mad: the struggle and sadness of the melancholy majority who hate their lives 99% of the time... and the celebration of those brief moments -- Friday nights out, that pretty girl on the subway, a memorable concert in the park -- the times that make living in the city worthwhile.